Catarina Migliorini who sold her virginity for $ 780,000 appears in Playboy Brasil

RIO DE JANEIRO – Catarina Migliorni, the Brazilian woman who auctioned off her virginity to the highest bidder, is on the cover of January’s Playboy magazine in Brazil.  The 20-year-old virgin sold her first sexual experience to a Japanese man for U.S. $780 thousand dollars in an auction that ended in October. According to the Playboy Brasil website, the deal called for Catarina to lose her virginity on a flight between Australia and the United States.Catarina remains a virgin, however, as consummation of the deal is awaiting a court decision.Catarina-Migliorini-signs-Playboy-Brasil-contract-300x225

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  1. Wow, i cant believe some females would go through the lengths for money. well…idk what to say , its just crazy. But if you could please check out some posts on my blog and follow if possible, thanks

  2. I wanted to ask one question (not hurting any one – just its my feel).
    Normally people do sex with their love-one, on selling this virginity, does love involve, if any body can explain.


  1. […] has never seen the money or done the act, as far as can be verified, but she has appeared on the cover of Brazilian Playboy, and she most definitely got […]

  2. […] Catarina Migliorini who sold her virginity for $ 780,000 appears in Playboy Brasil ( […]

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